Farnham Hospital History

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The following six pages outline the history of Farnham Hospital from the 1800's Workhouse through to the modern facility in the 21st century.

Hospital Timelines

1846 - Farnham and the adjacent Gilbert Parish of Aldershot and Bentley were persuaded to adopt Poor Law Union status under the 1834 Act and together formed the new Farnham Poor Law Union.

A number of additions were made including two infirmary blocks, one at the south of the workhouse in around 1870, and the other at the east in around 1900.

1930 - the Unions ceased and became County areas under the control of the appropriate local authority.

1948 - following the NHS Act the Farnham Group of Hospitals was formed with Farnham as the main hospital.

April 1974 - the Farnham Group of Hospitals became West Surrey and North East Hampshire Health District in the Surrey Health Authority area.

1974 - Frimley Park Hospital was opened to provide improved services for the area - Farnham at this time took on a new role with their casualty services transferring to Frimley Park Hospital.

1993 - the Community Health Units of South West Surrey Health Authority and West Surrey and North East Hampshire merged to become North Downs Community Health NHS Trust.

1998 - A public consultation document "The Right Balance" was produced proposing better health services and a secure future for Farnham Hospital.  Plans for the new Farnham Hospital and Centre for Health were designed and developed.

2001 - the new build began.

2003 - Guildford and Waverley PCT opened the current facilities at Farnham Hospital and Centre for Health - the inpatients transferring one October Saturday morning from the old hospital to their new en-suite rooms.

2004 - formal opening by HRH the Countess of Wessex.

2012 - Farnham Hospital and Centre for Health becomes part of VirginCare.

2013 - North East Hampshire and Farnham Clinical Commissioning team

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