“The present facilities are dilapidated and inadequate.  We must protect our stroke unit, rehabilitation and services for the elderly........”  and  in 1998, following a Public Consultation, Philip Housden produced the “Right Balance” document outlining the needs of the local community.

Waverley Borough Council approved plans for the new Local Care Centre on 31st January 2001.

The full business case was submitted to the Regional office on 4th December and considered in July 2001 by the Private Finance Unit in Leeds.

And, so following the many years of campaigning to save the hospital, including setbacks, consultations and disagreements, finally, work to provide a new hospital began to take shape in  the winter of 2001/02 with completion scheduled for 2003.

Newspaper cutting

Farnham Hospital staff past and present enjoyed a party held shortly before the
Victorian Buildings were demolished to make way for its Multi Million pound replacement


Constructing the new buildings


New buildings taking shape

More new buildings