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Good environments matter

For the past three years committee members have been actively taking part in PLACE audits with local Community Hospitals including Woking, Milford, Haslemere and Farnham.  These yearly audits ensure:

A clean hospital is the foundation for lower infection rates, whilst good food promotes recovery and improves the patient experience. High standards of privacy promote patient dignity, whilst good maintenance and décor support a safe and comfortable stay. But good environments don’t just happen. Without the efforts of all staff, the benefits of cleanliness, good food, privacy and proper maintenance may be lost. Patient-led assessments of the care environment (PLACE) help organisations understand how well they are meeting the needs of their patients, and identify where improvements can be made. They take place across all hospitals, hospices and independent treatment centres providing NHS-funded care and use information gleaned directly from patient assessors to report how well a hospital is performing – in terms of national standards and against other similar hospitals.

Full reports can be viewed on  - Health and Social Care Information Centre website